Tourism services for individuals with disabilities

Accessible Italy has been organizing tours and tourism services for individuals with disabilities since 1995.
Accessible Italy is A NON-PROFIT BODY that is busy with helping foreign tourists with disabilities to plan their Italian holidays.

The staff at Accessible Italy has been working for many years with Italian children and adults with disabilities. In recent years, our staff has recognized the great difficulty individuals with disabilities encounter when traveling around Italy for tourism and enjoyment. Therefore, Accessible Italy has decided to help improve Italian structures and the accessibility of its museums, monuments and places of interest. We will invest a portion of the proceeds from our tourists towards these improvements. Accessible Italy will begin by improving some of the most important monuments and churches found within the city of Florence that are currently not accessible. We will publicize the most recent advances in our field throughout Italian and foreign magazines as a way of personally thanking our travelers for making Italy a more accessible place to visit.

Has it ever been a dream for you a wedding in Italy? Let us plan your accessible wedding, let your dreams come true!

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