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Has it ever been a dream for you getting married in Italy?
Would you like to let your dreams come true?
Accessible Italy Dept has much experience and professionality in the organization of your wedding in Italy!

Regency is a leader company for weddings in Italy and we have been operating since 1990. We have already organized more than 10.000 weddings, and our staff has acquired years of experience and knowledge. Our strength regards the unique possibility for all couples to have a ceremony recognized both legally and religiously.
We are now also improving the knowledge of accessible locations where people with disabilities can get married and let their dreams come true celebrating their most important day of life in Italy!

Accessible Weddings in Florence - The Town Hall of Florence: the famous "Sala Rossa" in Palazzo Vecchio
- Santa Trinita Church in the heart of the city

Accessible Weddings in Rome - The Town Hall of Rome: the Bath of Caracalla
- The Church San Giovanni dei Fiorentini

Accessible Weddings in Venice - Venice Town Hall: the famous Palazzo Cavalli on the Gran Canal
- The Church of San Martino

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