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When? Where?

Italy is usually visited for its incredible art cities its beautiful countryside and its marvellous coasts. How to choose your destination and your period?
If you come to Italy for the first time and if you like History and/or art you can’t miss the art cities. If you have time, we advise you to do an accessible tour of Italy including the Eternal Rome, Florence and Venice. If your stay is shorter, better to choose one or 2 of those cities. The access between them is good by road or by accessible train but do not forget that they are not so close!
If you wish to visit these cities, you must take in consideration that high season is during the autumn and spring.
For the nature, tradition & gastronomy lovers, I would prefer advise a stay in an agritourism or villa in the famous Tuscany, the Lakes and the islands. High season is in summer in these areas.
Italy is at its best in spring (April-May) and autumn (October-November). During these seasons, the scenery is beautiful, the temperatures are pleasant and there are relatively few crowds.
If you wish to discover the South of Italy, take care of booking really in advance your holidays. High season is summer and the prices of the accommodations are more expensive than in North of Italy.
You had a good experience in an accommodation while your stay in Italy? If you have any suggestion of “Accessible accomodation”, please contact us to

You dream of the Italian sea? How to make your choice of holidays if you can’t check on spot? Find an accessible beach  is not easy to wheelchairs users but it is possible.
Our staff will be happy to give you advices about facilities and suggestions of different kind of accommodations near accessible beaches.
If you have any suggestion of “Accessible Beaches”, please contact us to

Accessible Italy can organize tours and travels in Italy for disabled tourists using a wheelchair; accessible hotels, accessible transports, accessible sightseeing for travellers with special needs,.
We help you to organize accessible itineraries to visit on your own, and provide all information related to public accessible means of transport, public accessible toilets, restaurants… in the most famous art cities in Italy.

We take a special glance at Venice situation. Venice is perhaps the most visited city all over the world. The city is an irresistible point of attraction for millions of travellers! Along its beaten paths, adapted for rapid and standardized tourism, it is able to offer alternative itineraries for different kinds of disabilities. Because of its special nature, hundreds of channels and bridges, it seems absolutely inaccessible for wheelchair users. Accessible Italy Dept provides transfers by accessible boat in Venice and among its islands Murano and Burano.
We also provide keys for "servo-stairs": some bridges with stairs are equipped with rugs that follow the stairs route. In order to use those rugs, you need a key that we will kindly provide you.***For very romantic couples, or just for everyone who loves to live this kind of experience, we arrange a wonderful ride around Venice by our special gondola!
The gondola will come to pick you up at the place of your stay and will bring you for a romantic and special tour around Venice. The "gondoliere" is a very kind man who will assist and help people with any kind of difficulties to go into and drop off the gondola.
You'll see Venice from a very special scene!

Rome welcomed the great Holy Year of 2000 and especially for this occasion improved the accessibility of urban spaces,
services and buildings of public interest. Many projects have made possible to eliminate numerous barriers.
Nevertheless, there are still buildings, places and services that do not measure up to these requirements.
In order to tackle the difficulties that tourists and citizens occure into, Accessible Italy Dept constitutes a big source of information for elderly and people with physical disabilities. We plan their itineraries to cope with their particular needs.
It's hard to say what you'll find most breathtaking about the Eternal City: this city is an interesting concentration of history, legend and monuments coexists with a big concentration of people busily going about their everyday life! What is sure is that you would need weeks and weeks to discover at least a part of what Rome boasts. Accessible Italy Dept will provide you assistance with the  formulation of an accessible itinerary all around Rome, and will give you any information regarding to the accessibility of museums, churches, squares and monuments of most interest.

Florence, like no other European city, exalts the spirit of the Renaissance.
From the 14th to 16th centuries, arts, science and architecture found its greatest expression here. The artists Giotto, Brunelleschi, Leonardo da Vinci, Michelangelo and Botticelli, the political philosopher Machiavelli, the scientist Galileo and the writers Dante and Petrarch made Florence, at one time or another, their home. Thanks to an aimed tour, Accessible Italy Dept will be glad to guide you to the accessible museums that let you meet Florence artistic past.
Florence has become always more well-known for the Fashion. It gives hospitality to many world-famous brands and Accessible Italy Dept arranges for special interest day trips to famous outlet stores like Prada and Gucci, or guided shopping to stores with special leather products designed for individuals with disabilities!

For information about other cities, please contact

Vatican Museum, Uffizi Gallery, Coliseum, Academy Gallery, Pompeii… do not miss these famous exhibitions or sites ! Do not hesitate to ask us the list of the accessible museums and monuments!
In most of the museums, the disabled person, in order to have a free entrance for him/her and his/her helper and not to stand in line, should show a medical certificate proving the invalidity.
For all other people, in order to avoid the queue for the visit, we can take care to reserve the tickets in advance.  

Accessible Italy Dept understood the needs of the passengers of cruises and offers special services for disabled people:
- Equipment rental:
Rental of manual wheelchair/electric wheelchair/scooter from/to Civitavecchia
Rental of manual wheelchair from/to Livorno
Rental of manual wheelchair from/to Venice
(Only if departure and arrival during opening hours of rental shops)
- Full day excursion:
Vatican city & Roma from/to Civitavecchia
Pisa & Florence from/to Livorno
Venice historic center from/to Venice
Pompeii & Naples or Pompeii & Amalfi Coast from/to Naples
- Accommodation + transfers:
Florence or Pisa

For further information about cruise services, please contact

 Accessibility In Italy
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 Accessibility In Italy

 Accessibility In Italy

 Accessibility In Italy

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 Accessibility In Italy

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