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The aims of sport encompass the same principles for disabled people as they do for all the able-bodies.

In addition sport has an immense therapeutic value and plays a great part in physical, psychological and social rehabilitation. The severity of a person's handicap determines their training and participation in sport. With new technology most games can be adapted for disabled people and rules may be modified to accommodate the nature of a disability.

To be the united voice of disability sport seeking to promote inclusion and achieve equality of sporting opportunities for disabled people. Non capisco molto il collegamento di questa frase con il resto.
- Mainstream sporting opportunities for disabled people
- Promote the wider benefits of sport and physical activity
- Promote equal opportunities
- Provide information and 'signposting'

There are three main categories of activities and sport which disabled persons can take part in:
1] Those in which they compete on equal terms with little or no modification e.g. bowls, archery.
2] Existing sports modified e.g. wheelchair basketball.
3] Sports activities specifically designed for disabled people e.g. goal bell for the visually impaired.

In the field of disability sport we are open to promote new sports events as well as meetings between foreign associations and Italian sports associations for disabled persons. At the moment we are following many projects regarding basketball for disabled persons and we are taking part in the creation of a new team in Florence.

Regency has organized for the first time in Italy an international Wheelchair Mini Basketball Tournament : 1st International Torneo Pegaso in Florence 2011.


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