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Dear Sharon,
I meant to write to you earlier, but when we returned home I got sick for a while. After that my son joined the army and then we had some family matters that we had to deal with. So I apologize for the. delay. I'd like to tell you how much I appreciate the way you took care of our request and dealt with everything related to renting the wheelchair delivering it and picking it up. One of the smartest things that we did in this trip was renting the chair, it was very useful, it saved us a lot of time standing in queues and made it so much easier for me. We even used it in Pompeii. In spite of your recommendation, I just couldn't give up the visit there, something I dreamed of doing since I was a little girl and read about this place in the encyclopedia. We could not see the whole site, but we saw a lot. Stuart pushed me around (at least this time it wasn't me pushing him around and being the nag!), and in places where it was impossible to go with the chair I just got up and walked. I can walk in rough terrains, for short distances. It was a good decision also because the next day, when we went to Arcolano on the way to the Vesuvio, we found out that the ruins site was closed. Too many visitors had put the place n a danger of collapsing. It is only possible to look down on it from a bridge that was built high over it. Then we drove up the mountain as far as you could drive and slowly-slowly but surely, walked up all the way to the top, to the crater! It was incredible! Thank you for your part in making this trip so enjoyable for us. I believe that we will be able to go to Italy again some day - there is still so much to see and experience, so we shall be in touch. And if you ever come to, Israel give us a call.
Wish you all the best,

Orna Rooney. 2012

Background & Experiences Venice Hello Elodie,
I just wanted to say a big thank you for your help with our visit to Venice. We could not have done it without you. My daughter had a wonderful time and i still cannot believe that we managed to do so much whilst we were there. Many thanks once again.

Sue Parry
June 2011
venice venice venice

Dee Burrs,
Background & Experiences FlorenceMy granddaughter and I just returned from Rome and Florence and I wanted to thank you for providing the perfect tour. Our driver in Rome , Enzo, was so polite and such a good driver. It was a help that he was big and he was strong enough to load the wheelchair into the car. The highlight of our trip was the English speaking tour guide. Her name was Antonella and she was amazing! She was so knowledgeable about, not only all the art treasures, but the location of the elevators, how to get in without budging ahead of the line, she knew all the guards everywhere and how to avoid the mobs of people. Her English was perfect and she was very aggressive and had a great sense of humor. She made our trip so much fun. I especially admired the way she admonished a student taking flash photos in the Sistine Chapel. I would HIGHLY recommend using her for all your tour needs in Rome The only problem was getting our tickets in Rome to the Sistine Chapel. There were literally hundreds of people. There was no room in the sidewalk and I was being crushed trying to find the guide with our tickets. Being in the wheelchair was even worse because no one looked down to see me. Antonella cleared a path across the street (like a lioness) and put me safely inside (by going in the exit). Of course it was impossible to find the 1 guide who had our tickets so I simply offered to purchase new ones at the ticket office. Since she had a pass, I only needed to buy 2, one for Riana and one for me. She did not want me to do this but the crowd was too overwhelming for me. The Hotel Goldoni was perfect. The bathroom was exactly right. The ground was level and close to everything. Again our guide was very good. She did not give me her business card. No one is able to advise me what I can send you to say thank you. Enzo did say no flowers so I will keep thinking. I was surprised at the exchange rate for the Euro. Riana loves to shop. She bought 4 dresses and some jewelry but she could not afford much more. Again, thank you so much Elodie for making this possible. This trip will be remembered for a lifetime for both my grand daughter and me.

Dee Burrs
Thank you for the wheelchair. It made the trip possible.
April 2009

Lori Daniel
Background & Experiences FlorenceOh my goodnessssss! We had the most awsome time and everything was so perfect!! I can not thank you enough for the trip of a lifetime!!! My parents had a wonderful 50th anniversary!! Our driver in Rome, Massimo was sososo awsome! His architecture background was great for my father! His passion for Rome was amazing!! Emeili my 5 year old "really likes Massimo"!!!!!!!!!!

Lori Daniel
June 2009

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