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Hi there Laura,
 How are you?
I am more than happy to write to you about our trip to Italy.
Where to begin?

Background & Experiences venice
This is me (Lori) being lifted off of our own private use
boat in Venice
My family and I had only one complaint, so let's start there.  In  Florence, we didn't much care for the Orto de Medici hotel.   I  suppose it's because our first experience at The Lancelot hotel in Rome was so  good.  The family that runs the Lancelot goes out of their way to make  their guests feel at home, and there is much to do right at the hotel when one  comes in at night after a day of exploring the city.   It is easy to  have a glass of wine at the bar and mingle with other guests.
At the Orto de Medici, that was not the case.  They did have a very  nice library with a large flat screen television and easy computer access, but  no place to grab something to drink in the hotel.  The other thing that disappointed me was the way my request for tickets to the Acadamie D'arts Museum  in Florence was handled.  I stood at the front desk and requested four  tickets, standing there with my walker before I headed to the elevator.   The desk clerk called up to the room and said he was able to get 4 tickets, but  he charged us  4 full ticket prices.  If he is on your accessible hotel  list, he should have  known to not charge me or my husband.  This was an  oversight that wasn't  noticed until we got to the museum.  The person  taking our tickets told me that I shouldn't have paid for two of them. That cost us 26 Euro too much.
Oh well, I should have remembered and the desk clerk should also have  known.
If we ever return to Florence, we will choose a different  hotel.
Now on to the good stuff.
Laura, everything else about our trip that you planned was well above anything we could have expected.  You and your company did an excellent job  of providing for us a very special vacation that we will never forget!
Enzo, our driver in Rome and the Amalfi Coast went beyond making us comfortable.  He actually walked us to the EuroStar train to Florence, and  loaded our luggage and my walker on board for us!  I will never forget what  a professional he was.  His driving was excellent and he put us at ease  right away.
Judy, our tour guide is another person that we will never forget.  
Background & Experiences FlorenceJust a lovely person and full of so much information that we felt as if we truly  understood the history behind what we were seeing at the Vatican Museum and all that followed. Taking the train to Frosinone was a great idea that you had.  It  saved us much time and money and my husband's Aunt and Uncle picked us up from  the train station and took us to their home in Chiaiarmari for a day filled with  lots of food and lots of fun.
As for Venice, the four of us were met at the train station by Danielle and Angelo and loaded on to a boat for our own private use that took us to our  hotel.  They had a "rickshaw" type seat with long handles to carry me  aboard.  The next morning these same two gentlemen, along with a tour guide  took us on a tour through the canals of Venice and even to Murano. Piazza San Marco (St. Mark's Square) is everything we imagined it  would be.  Thanks to the detailed plans of Laura, and the  people at Accessible Italy, we were able to enjoy all of the magic of  Venice.
I could go on and on, but I want to sincerely express my gratitude to you for helping to make this a trip of a lifetime for us.  Spending that last  two  days relaxing at the Hotel Florence, in Bellagio was perfect.  What a  lovely hotel and wonderful breakfast.  Fresh croissants and they even had  scrambled eggs and bacon.  Something we hadn't had since we left for  Italy.
By the way, I also want to mention that at The Lancelot in Rome, we met another family that you have put a trip together for.  Kris, Connie and  Scott Kiefer.  They were very nice to talk with.
One more thing I would like to ask.  Do you and your company put  together  these same kinds of tours for able body people?  After seeing  our pictures and hearing about our experiences, some of our friends are already  asking us  about Regency San Marino, srl. Please write back to let me know that you got this email, and to ask anything else that perhaps I haven't made clear.
Laura, I am still in awe of everything that we were able to see and do during our two weeks in Italy.  Again, thank-you.
Warm regards,


The trip was great. We all had a great time. Everything you set up for us was perfect. Everyone was very professional and all the guides were fantastic. We saw everything we wanted to. We had only one question which you may want to relay to future clients and that is what is custom for tipping the drivers and the guides. We had the package price so I had no idea what the drivers and guides were getting for there part so we kind of guessed with the amount to tip them. You may want to recommend to future clients what would be an appropriate tip for each.

We loved the trip. I have a 15year old daughter in a wheelchair and when she gets old enough I would love to take her to Italy ! I will be sure to call you and I will recommend you to anyone who asks.
Thanks again,


Dear Elodie,
I'm VERY impressed with this page and form of communication in general – it's VERY professional and friendly – thank you!"
"Thank you again for collecting the information and putting this amazing page for us.


Thank you very much for your information and congratulations for your web. You help us to do our life more easy.
Thanks a lot.
MARIA Thanks again for your assistance. We had a fantastic experience!!

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