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Tour on the canals
For very romantic couples, or just for everyone who loves to live this kind of experience, we arrange a wonderful ride around Venice by our special gondola!
The gondola will come to pick you up at the place of your stay and will bring you for a romantic and special tour around Venice.
The "gondoliere" is a very kind man who will assist and help people with any kind of difficulties to go into and drop off the gondola.
You'll see Venice from a very special scene!

ISLANDS OF THE LAGOON: Full day or half day.
Venice is a city of mostly interconnected islands (about 100 in all) that lie 4 km or 2.5 miles off the Italian mainland in a shallow, brackish lagoon.
Not all of the islands are linked to the historic center by bridges, however:
Some are accessible only by boat, with trips ranging from about 6 to 45 minutes according to distance.

Half day visit of Venice city center:
The visible image of political power, the heart of the city: St. Mark’s Square, St. Mark’s Church, Doge’s Palace, Bridge of Sighs and Prisons.

Full day to Verona
Verona, a city characterised by more than two thousand years of history, is nowadays an international tourist centre.The sweet loops of the Adige, that flows through the city, and the low hills surrounding it at the northern side contribute to creating an harmoniously beautiful landscape.
Verona is easily reachable from Venice and is about 125 km far. The Arena is worth a visit, even if partially by wheelchair users.

Full day to Padova
This city is one of the cultural and economic centres in the north-east of Italy. Padova (Padua) is a pilgrimage city, millions of pilgrims come here every year to visit the "Basilica di Sant’Antonio", where the grave of "Sant’Antonio" is preserved. 
The other reason to visit this city is the famous painter Giotto. In Padua you will find the most complete (and the best  preserved) collection of works by Giotto. Padua is only 40 km far from Venice and is easily reachable from there.

Venice Gondola

Venice San Marco


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